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Simon Wardley's Blah Template

Posted by Pete McBreen 20 Sep 2022 at 03:06

An amusing take on the generic corporate strategy templates that companies seem to use, just replace Blah with an appropriate buzzword…

        Our strategy is [Blah]. We will lead
    a [Blah] effort of the market through our use
   of [Blah] and [Blah] to build a [Blah]. By being
   both [Blah] and [Blah], our [Blah] approach will
       drive [Bah] throughout the organisation.
     Synergies between our [Blah] and [Blah] will
          enable us to capture the upside by
       becoming [Blah] in a [Blah] world. These
      transformations combined with [Blah] due to
                our [Blah] will create
          a [Blah] through [Blah] and [Blah].

Resulting in a strategy like

Our strategy is customer focused. We will lead a disruptive effort of the market through our use of innovative social media and big data to build a collaborative cloud based ecosystem. By being both digital first and agile, our open approach will drive efficiency throughout the organisation…

From Simon Wardley’s “Why the fuss about Serverless?