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A neat Playwright Codegen feature

Posted by Pete McBreen 03 Feb 2022 at 00:25

When using the playwright codegen utility, it provides a nice preview of the available selector when hovering the mouse over any part of the web page. When tried with the Phoenix Liveview default application, it can be started with the command

> playwright codegen http://localhost:4000/

and after navigating to the LiveDashboard, the selector for the refresh speed shows up in the chromium browser

Preview of selectors

It also does a good job of generating some sample code that can then be copied into a pytest test case for future reuse

# Click text=Ports
# with page.expect_navigation(url="http://localhost:4000/dashboard/ports"):
with page.expect_navigation():"text=Ports")

# Select 2
page.select_option("select[name=\"refresh\"]", "2")

Note that it will delay the script with expect_navigation until the Ports page is displayed - although it is not waiting for a specific url unlike the commented out part of the code.