Improving Wetware

Because technology is never the issue

About this Blog

This site contains my rambling thoughts on software craftsmanship…

My main site is more formal, this one is designed for playing with different ideas before publishing them in a more formal way.

Software Craftsmanship

This is my way of talking about what works software in software development. I got interested in this after experiencing many different approaches that did not work, and having lots of different non-developers trying to persuade experienced developers that the way that they were working would not work (even when they were demonstrably successful).


This is an informal blog site for Pete McBreen that is focused on Improving Wetware because as I keep on discovering, technology is not the issue.

I hardly ever see a project crash and burn due to the technology, it is nearly always due to isses related to the wetware running in the heads of the project team.

Why Wetware?

Mainly because Rudy Rucker wrote a book called Wetware and I liked the way it sounded. Wetware also sounds better than liveware or meatware.