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Back after a short break, migrated from Typo to Publify

Posted by Pete McBreen 13 Dec 2018 at 01:12

This blog started back in 2006 running under Typo, it had a long run but in 2017 after upgrading the version of ruby it stopped working properly.

Finally got around to fixing it, by upgrading to Publify, the successor to Typo. Remarkably easy just to set it up and them migrate over the data to the new database schema.

One thing I have noticed now that it is running under Rails 5.2.x is that it is much slower to restart and to serve new content than the original version that ran under Rails 2.3.x. Yes, Publify has a lot more features, but since I do not support comments/trackback/ping/twitter etc. on this blog, most of the extra stuff is not used, so what I really notice is that it is much, much slower. Could also be that I have been working with Elixir/Phoenix recently and have got used to the speed of that for development and page rendering, so moving back to Rails just feels slow now.