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Fun with Ruby on Rails

Posted by Pete McBreen 01 Feb 2011 at 16:31

Rails can be for fun as well. Rather than going the usual Wordpress/Joomla or PHP route for my local Cochrane Red Rock Running and Tri Club website, I decided to have some fun with Rails and jQuery. Nothing really fancy but it does what it needs to without anyone having to learn about the joys of a CMS control panel.

Overall the site took less than 10 hours of spare time, time that would easily get eaten up by the usual requests for updates to a static site. There are still a few static parts to the site, but those are ones that do not change frequently, so not a big deal to maintain those parts.

Edited Dec-2018, site is now retired, had a long run but now replaced by a wordpress site maintained by someone else. Over the years spent about 40 hours maintaining the site, so not too bad, and zero breaches/security issues in that time