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Backup script for typo blogs

Posted by Pete McBreen 14 Feb 2007 at 08:42

Ruby script for backing up blogs is here. Feedback from testers is appreciated.

Your blog is saved into a YAML file and can either be uploaded back to the original blog or a different one.

Backup or Restore the content of a blog to/from YAML whose host server supports the MetaWebLog API. (Currently supports typo|wordpress|blogger)

Script was originally created by Derek Mahar for migrating posts between blogs and then changed extensively to serve as a backup/restore utility by Pete McBreen

Sample command lines (program prompts for blog password)

ruby backup\_blog.rb username backup.yaml 25 typo backup

ruby backup\_blog.rb username backup.yaml num\_posts typo restore

(the num_posts argument is unused on restore)

Note: typo has bug whereby it ignores createdDate when creating URL, but does show correctly posted x days ago. Clicking on the link on the home page fails but it generates feed OK — puzzling — not fixed yet.

Code uses the metaweblog API

source_posts =

and then saves the posts to a YAML file

f =, "w")
f.puts source_posts.to_yaml