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Seen a Computer Operator recently?

Posted by Pete McBreen 23 Aug 2006 at 14:32

Not sure where I read it, but in one of the many blogs about the 25th anniversary of the IBM PC, someone was talking about not seeing computer operators any more.

Kind of puzzling that, because although most sites no longer have anyone with a title of Computer Operator, there sure are a lot of System Administrators around. The daily tasks they might be doing are subtly different, but the basic goal of what the System Administrators do is basically the same as that of the Computer Operators, keep the machines running, back up the data and do system upgrades.

Requirements can look different when presented under a different role name, but the only difference may be in the details of the technology. At the summary level the goals are the same, we still need someone to look after the machines so the real users can get on with handling their day jobs.