Improving Wetware

Because technology is never the issue

When Estimate is wrong

Posted by Pete McBreen 20 Jul 2006 at 02:15

Republished What to do when the estimate is wrong article on this site.

Why Improving Wetware?

Posted by Pete McBreen 19 Jul 2006 at 09:46

This is a follow up to my Software Craftsmanship and Questioning XP books, further exploring the way that we develop software.

Technology is never the issue

Ok I did make the case that Java could be but even it has stabilized enough that as a technology it is unlikely to be the cause of a project failure. The real cause of Java projects failing is the way that the team used the various parts of the Java platform.

Similarly for the .Net platform, it would be hard to pin a project failure of the .Net technology. How people have mis-used it could account for a lot of projects however.

So what are the issues?

I don’t know, but I’suspect it is the way we think about and talk about software.

Hence we need to improve our own wetware

Admittedly wetware can have some visceral images associated with it, but maybe that is an advantage in engaging our emotions with the issues.